Management Service

  • Responsible to all the human resource management aspect such as matters regarding the job profile, services and training.
  • Responsible to the general management matters of the Council such as the daily Council management, letters, management files, logistic supplies and also the affairs of the Members of the Council.
  • Manage to the daily meetings that involves the Council as well as Meetings of The Committee of the Council, Administrative Meetings of the Council and many more.
  • To prepare the legal, enforcement and prosecution services.
  • The Community Relationship of the NGO as well as the Public Administration.


  • To prepare the budget and to estimate the budget.
  • To perform budget management activities.
  • To perform the tax collection and investment activities.
  • To prepare the accounts, salary preparation, allowance and many other matters related to the payment.
  • To prepare the finance and scheduled account reports.

Valuation & Property Management

  • To manage and impose the tax valuation activities in the area of the Local Authority and Property of the Council.
  • To have the activities of rental charge reevaluation (Rental Control Act).
  • To perform the Council Property Management activities.
  • To conduct the research activities such research on reassessment, rental, costing, mode of assessment and many more.

Community Service

  • To conduct and manage the enforcement of the Township services activities such as the garbage colleting, disposal of solid waste, drainage, road and many more.
  • To perform the public health control activities such as the food quality control, the environmental cleanliness, disease control and many others.
  • To manage and administer the business activities such as the hawkers' licenses, stalls, markets, business premises such as the factories, motel and also the advertisements.
  • To manage and provide business licenses and to enforce the activities in line with the Act that has been imposed upon it.